In 2018, my cohost Jacob and I started this podcast “Backstreet’s Back, Whatever: A Podcast” He wanted to learn about the boys and I was just eager to have a place to talk about them. Each episode talks about a new Backstreet Boys subject as we talk with other BSB fans.

Just take it from Howie!

The Fandom

The #BSBArmy is a creative bunch. Learn all about their art and projects here. [Learn More]

The Blog

Unfiltered thoughts about the boys and the fandom from a long-time fan. [Learn More]

The Charities

The boys really do give all they have to give. See charities they support. [Learn More]

The Merch

Check out our amazing merch in our store – from T-Shirts to coffee mugs! [Learn More]

The Projects

In a world of boy bands, the Boys work together and strike out on their own. [Learn More]

The Girl

Learn about the girl behind the Backstreet’s Back podcast and website. [Learn More]


I am not the Backstreet Boys nor do I accept their fan mail. Please go to BackstreetBoys.com for that.

Video of the Moment

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