Random thoughts I had while listening to “80s Movie” by Nick Carter

In Nicks music video he should be the lead singer of a cover band playing at a prom

I bet Lauren would look great with 80s hair

Would Nick replicate the same character from “I just want you to know video”?

Man Nick should do a bunch of 80s songs as a whole album

God I miss him on “The Masked Singer”

He should have won “The masked singer”

LeAnn Rimes was really good!

I swear I thought the mushroom was Pharrell

How does Nick pull off pink so well

Man this song makes me want to watch pretty in pink

I miss Molly Ringwald, I wonder whats shes up to

Breakfast club, one of the greatest 80s movies ever

Although st. Elmos fire was highly underrated

Demi Moore just made me think of demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato would sound great with Nick, they should do a duet together

How many times did I put this song on repeat???

2 hours later…….

I wonder how much I can pull off playing this before my daughter yells at me

Whatever, this is her punishment for Billie Eilish several months ago

I miss the 80s

Oh my god the 80s is almost 40 years ago!!!

God this song is so good.

If his tour isn’t decked out in 80s gear, I will riot

I’m feeling lots of tears for fears in this song

God Nicks music is so underrated

Nick is so underrated

Backstreet boys are so underrated

I’m still not over lady gaga taking their grammys

How many grammys did lady gaga really need

They truly are the leonardo diacaprio’s of music

Justin Timberlake is overrated

God that part when nick says “im done pretending” damn that’s good

Can he just do the soundtrack for all 80s movies

Nick is the ultimate pop rock star

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