Let’s talk about me!

My name is Taylor and I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and still my current home. I am a foster mommy to 3 beautiful kids Teyoun, Samarah and Monica. During the day I am an Account Manager for JCC Chicago. Outside of work, I am currently working of event planning and other side work to afford all the BSB events we missed in 2020. Selling organs isn’t beneath me at this point….

My Favorite Boy

Today as I write this, it’s between Nick Carter and AJ Mclean. Somedays Kevin will post something heartfelt and then it’s him. I truly have an appreciation for all the boys but the boy who makes my heart flutter would be Nick.

My Favorite BSB Event

Hands down, the 2016 European Cruise. I would highly recommend a BSB cruise should they do them again because you get your money’s worth. It’s 3-4 days of all Backstreet Boys events, always a possibility of running into them, guaranteed meet and greet and fun activities throughout each day.

My Favorite BSB Things

“Incomplete”, DNA Album, “Breathe” DNA album, Backstreet Boys DJ Earworm Mega mix for the Vegas opener, Black and Blue merchandise, AJ’s “Pretty Messed Up Podcast”, any conversation with AJ, “House of Carter’s” -the gift that keeps on giving, Nick’s “I’m taking off” Solo Album, and Kevin’s modeling faze – why are we sleeping on Kevin? The man is a Greek god.

Don’t let go when the daylight’s gone
‘Cause it’s always darkest before the dawn
I… breathe, oh-oh
When the cold air starts fillin’ up my lungs
When I hate the things that I have become
I… breathe, oh-oh

Backstreet Boys “Breathe”

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