The Fans

What is The Perfect Fans?

I created the page “The Perfect Fans in 2020 because there is so much incredible talent in the Backstreet Boys universe but there wasn’t a specific place to showcase all the fan talent. We know the Backstreet Boys are uber talented but not all of us know the hard work that these amazing talented fans do for the boys. You can find “The Perfect Fans” on twitter and Instagram. Also always contact us if you would like to be featured on here!

Fan Art

The Backstreet Boys fandom has a lot of creative people. From artists to designers, check out those that we have spotlighted. [See More]

Fan Stores

Speaking of designers, some Backstreet Boys have their own shops and businesses – real and online. [See More]

Fan Fiction

They may have started out as fan fiction writers, but some BSB Army members are actually published authors. [See More]

Fan Accounts

From Twitter accounts to fan blogs, the BSB Army takes fandom life seriously. Check out the work of these fans! [See More]

Fan Podcasts

From actual podcasts to vlogs, the BSB Army likes to get their hands wet in any time of media medium. Check out the shows! [See More]

Fan Media

Some Backstreet Boys fans are singers and even like to make the occasional video? Check out these creative fans. [See More]

We, we’re standing stong cuz of what you’ve done
this one goes out to you you you
You make us feel like we’ve just begun
And this one goes out to you

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