Random thoughts I had while listening to “80s Movie” by Nick Carter

In Nicks music video he should be the lead singer of a cover band playing at a prom I bet Lauren would look great with 80s hair Would Nick replicate the same character from “I just want you to know video”? Man Nick should do a bunch of 80s songs as a whole album GodContinue reading “Random thoughts I had while listening to “80s Movie” by Nick Carter”

Why Is Leighanne Littrell So Controversial?

Written By: Taylor Anderson *Disclaimer* Everything that is shared in this article is 100% directly from the social media pages of Leighanne Littrell herself. Nothing has been modified or edited from its original content. If you, like me, are a huge Backstreet Boys fan, then you probably follow the all of the guys on socialContinue reading “Why Is Leighanne Littrell So Controversial?”